State Agency for Public Service and
Social Innovations under the President of the
Republic of Azerbaijan
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ASAN-service centers hire volunteers
April 8, 2013

The State Agency for Citizen Service & Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan attracts volunteers.


ASAN Service center serves 950 people in Baku within first week of operation
January 21, 2013

ASAN Service center №1, created under the State Agency for Services to Citizens and Social Innovation under the Azerbaijani President cited statistics from the first five days (15-19 January) of operation.


Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Azerbaijan got acquainted with “ASAN service” center
January 1, 1970
Press release

On June 10, 2016, accredited Ambassador of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the residence in Ankara, to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Damir Dzanko got acquainted with Baku “ASAN service” center No.3.