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Republic of Azerbaijan
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Issuance of reference notes about conviction

Reference note about conviction is issued on the basis of person’s directly appeal (application) and ID.Following information is indicated on the application:

  • Applicant’s  surname, name, father name;
  • Birth  place,  date ( day, month, year);
  • Citizenship and address;
  • The series, number, date of issue of ID and authority issuing it.

Every individual  can receive the reference note about conviction  only about himself.

If the presence of a person is not possible, his/her  application  is submitted by the person authorized him with the power of attorney as determined in the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Reference note about conviction  is  issued to minors,to the persons whom determined guardianship and custody on the basis of the application of their parents and other legal representatives.

Period of document issuance:

The reference is issued at the moment. When a person is in a criminal record, and if there is a need for further investigation of the issue, the certificate shall be submitted within 1 working day.

State fee and other payments:

Issuance of reference note  about conviction is free of charge.