State Agency for Public Service and
Social Innovations under the President of the
Republic of Azerbaijan
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Renewal of driving licenses

Payment area for the service:

Causes for renewal of driving licences at "ASAN service" centers:

  1. Application form for renewal of driving license that entitles to drive transport means (download e-version);
  2. Driving license;
  3. Identity Card;
  4. Receipt about payment of state fee;
  5. Medical certificate on fitness for driving transport means  of relevant category.

Amount of state fee:

  • Renewal of driving license – 18 AZN

Reasons for renewal of driving license:

  1. Expiration of its validity period
  2. Renewal of holder’s family name,  given name and patronymic name
  3. Determination of mistakes in its writings
  4. to become unfit for use
  5. Loss of driving license
  6. Renewal of  driving licenses in the country as a result of confirmation of new sample as set forth in the legislation

Renewal of driving license is carried out within 30 minutes by keeping all previous categories, without a test on the basis of the owner’s application by the relevant executive body of the Republic of Azerbaijan .

Note: Except in the cases of the 3rd Article that mentioned above for renewal of driving license, state fee must be paid as set forth in the legislation.