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Social Innovations under the President of the
Republic of Azerbaijan
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Guide for use from Interactive voice responding menu

Information about service is given in an automatic regime. Information on service is rendered by automated system in none-working hours and none-working days at Call Center about the services rendered by state entities at “ASAN service” centers.

Citizen called to Call Center selects required service presented by voice menu. Then brief information is given by electronic system in a standard form.

In this case, you should follow the rule mentioned below for getting necessary information:

- Dial the number – 108;

- After greeting of interactive guide you can listen to the presented information by pressing the relevant button. A few seconds are allocated to you for making selection and if any button is not selected during this period, the summary of text is sounded.

After your selection the interactive guide will continue the sounding of the information and will offer to select the interested section by pressing relevant button.