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Head of the Belgian Immigration Office at “ASAN service”

June 29, 2017
On June 29, 2017, a delegation led by head of the Immigration Service of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium got acquainted with activity of Baku “ASAN service” No.5.

The delegation was delivered wide information about the activities and aims of establishment of “ASAN service” and “ABAD” centers. Also, there was emphasized, that with the establishment of “ASAN service” there have been achieved serious steps in the field of provision of efficient administration through enhancing of transparency and application of innovations.

It was mentioned, that about 16 million applications have been already received. Additionally, it was drawn to attention, that “ASAN service” received United Nations Public Service Award 2015.

At the end, delegation, after getting acquainted with the work principle, wished success to “ASAN service” in future.